2014: Year in Review

Well, another year’s gone by.  I’d like to think this was a relatively eventful year for Jimmy Jone.  I got the new website up back in March, and since then, I’ve posted six whole issues.  Sure, 2 months go by between issues (it took almost all year for Diana to break up with Jimmy!) but at least I’ve got a consistent rhythm going for the creation aspect of things.  If I can keep up the pace, you’ll get another six issues next year!  For those of you keeping track at home, Jimmy is now in the second semester of his sophomore year.  Here’s what you can expect for next 2015:

  • Jimmy gets scared!
  • The return of everybody’s third-tier superhero sidekick, Socrateen!
  • 100% more Campus Hobo!
  • The return of the prank war!
  • A mime!
  • And, if I did things right, at least a couple of jokes!

And of course, if I get a kidney in 2015, I may even put out more than 6 issues.

Another thing I’ve been doing is listening to music while I draw.  I’ve been systematically listening to every album Spotify has for specific years.  I finished up my journey through 1974 earlier this year, and I just completed 1982 this month.  Big whoop, you’re thinking.  But wait!  I put together some playlists of my favorite music from those years!



For 2015, I’m doing 1971, and then 1979, if I get that far.  I’ll let you know when there’s playlists!

I plan to put out the next Jimmy Jone comic (#66) at the end of February. I say “plan to” because I know better than to promise things on the Internet by a specific time.

See you in 2015!


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