Dumpster Vinyl Volume 1: Captain Happy from the “Happy Day Radio” series


happy day radio

My uncle (father’s brother) works in construction in a small town in Georgia.  Often his work involves not only building, but also tearing down.  He was, something like 12 years ago, working at a site which included a building which had once housed a radio station.  The building had been gutted, and he happened to see a large number of vinyl records in a dumpster.  My uncle, who always has an eye out for the strange, unknown, and potentially valuable, salvaged them.  I got the chance to listen to a few of these back then, and have recently borrowed the discs from him for the purpose of digitizing them.

The discs themselves were not music, so were not valuable in the sense of rare pressings of famous artists or anything like that.  Rather, these were the bits that went in-between: programming elements.  I’ve yet to catalog what’s there, but these discs seem to span a roughly 20-year period from the 1950s through the 1970s.  We’re talking sound effects, jingles, comedy skits, chapter stories–all non-specific to be usable by any locale.  My own attempts to research these discs have turned up very little information.  I seem to be one of perhaps a miniscule few (in some cases the only person) to own copies of these.

Being a librarian and a collector, I find in myself a constant attraction to those items for which little or no information exists as well as an urgent drive to report on and share them with others.  So my plan now, as stated above, is to digitize and catalog these albums.  I plan on posting them here over the next while.

To begin with, I’d like you offer you one disc from a set of programming elements released as a package called “Happy Day Radio” in 1970.  My understanding is that radio stations could opt to brand themselves as a “Happy Day Radio” station.  The following is the first disc of the “Captain Happy” series of chapter stories.

Here’s the information from the disc:

All music published by Alpenstock Music. A.S.C.A.P. Copyright June 1970.

Authorization to broadcast restricted to license agreement with Hap Day Industries.c Hap Day 1970

Side A:

  1. Champagne Launch
  2. Jar of Mayonaise
  3. Break For Lunch
  4. High Seas
  5. Canary Islands
  6. Entering Troubled Waters
  7. Out Of Fruit
  8. Land Ho
  9. Dropping Anchor
  10. Going Ashore

Side B:

  1. Shop Around
  2. Through Dire Straits
  3. Fly On The Trachometer
  4. Trachometer Bugged
  5. Grundy Swats A Fly
  6. Fudge Brownies
  7. It Could Be A Mosquito
  8. Decoy Fly
  9. Driving Me Buggy
  10. Cosmetic Lady Calling


Anncr: William Conrad

Capt. Hap: Michael Rye

Tommy: Bob Arbogast

Prof. Bibble: Alan Barzman

Aunty Grundy: Bob Arbogast

And here are the tracks:

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