Dumpster Vinyl Volume 11: Produced News Intros from “The Big Sound” series


And now, here’s the most boring one of these I’ve shared with you yet!  This disc is titled “Produced News Intros”.  And it sounds about like what you’d expect: a very early version of what I heard growing up (instead of the “deet-d-deet-deet” telegraph noises, you get “deet-deet-deet-deet” sonar noises).  There’s a bunch of different versions, though, each with soundbytes of earlier news stories. I can’t identify even half of these, other than a few World War II-era things, but I’m sure radio audiences in 1963 recognized them. The point of including these soundbytes seemed to be two-fold: to let you know you were about to listen to the news, in case them telling you “here comes the news” wasn’t enough; and also the unspoken promise that maybe, just maybe, the next news item would be of the same great import as the bombing of Pearl Harbor.


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