Shit Cards


I’m going to admit to a particular compulsion: to make unknown things known.  If I come across toys or trading cards that tend to fall on the grosser side of life, and if I then can’t turn up any information about them online, I decide then and there I must own them.  Sometimes the stuff’s interesting enough that I can talk about it, or make some jokes, or get excited about it at all.

Other times? Other times you get Shit Cards, a playing card deck from 1988, made by Ivory Tower Publishing.  The artist is Martin Riskin, who seems to be known for his political cartoons. I only did a little bit of searching for Ivory Tower Publishing, but it looks like they just provided the dumber books that you’d find in the humor section of Waldenbooks or B. Dalton Booksellers. And wouldn’t you know it, they put out a book titled Shit List, with art by the same guy, so expect another post at some point, I guess. Sheesh. This compulsion.

Here are the Shit Cards:


Those were the Shit Cards!  Can you even make a joke about these other than the idea that drawing an image for every possible turn of phrase or idiom that includes the word “shit”, and then also making them have to do with poker, is, if not “shit”, then just sort of weird and pointless? Why is the judge holding playing cards? Why is that guy playing poker by himself on the toilet? Has anyone ever actually said “Shit Bum”?

That said, this is exactly the kind of thing that, if my uncle or my grandparents had had a set of these, I would have wanted to look at them every time I visited. I would have loved these.

Also, the art’s great! It reminds me a little bit of some old Mad Magazine features; I might even describe the art as staking out a middle ground between Paul Coker and Don “Duck” Edwing?

If it’s not clear from the sheer number of question marks I’ve used in this post, my main question for these is just… why? And I guess I’ve sort of answered my own question already: it feels like the kind of thing your uncle or your grandparents would have owned if you’re my age (31). I’m sure I’ll have a difficult time explaining my sense of humor to my nieces and nephews someday.

Anyway, now that these are out there, feel free to crop the images. I know you all want to use the “Cool Shit” guy as your avatar.

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