The Cosmopolitan Divide, part 21

Moreover, sometimes you do have to go back and double-check, even with previous findings.  I’m not talking about the covers here; I mean, cleavage is cleavage is cleavage. I’m referring to theory. Theory informs research, research produces findings, findings confirm, refute, complicate, etc., the theory. Inevitably, though, theory may eventually be questioned, its blind spots exposed.

Blah blah blah Galileo, right? I’ll give you something that you probably don’t hear every time Galileo’s brought up: retrograde epicyclic motion.  One of the things that the Ptolemaic model had to explain was why the other planets sometimes appeared to reverse their direction in their orbit around the Earth, occasionally doing a loop-de-loop and travelling backwards for a little while. Aristotle says the Earth is the center of the universe –> those other planets sure do weird crap!



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