Jimmy Jone Commentary part 1


Other than working in libraries and wiping my butt, Jimmy Jone, the 9/10 Boy has been the only constant in my life for the past decade.

Making comics is a slow process, and my work on Jimmy Jone has slowed down at various points: when I lived with a girlfriend, when I got dialysis, when I’ve been depressed & anxious.  We (my co-writer Matt and I) have generally written about 20 issues of story ahead of what I publish. Every aspect of this takes lots of time.  I say this not to excuse the fact that I haven’t published in months, but to preface the commentary you’re about to listen to: it was recorded two years ago.  Matt/Golo had visited after my kidney transplant surgery, and we recorded audio commentary for issues 1 through 12, which constitute the first year of Jimmy Jone.

Here’s what I’m going to do for the upcoming 10th anniversary of this comic: alternating commentary and new issues up through the 17th. Plus I might do some sort of post on what the thing means to me (the short answer: a lot, but I’m not sure what).

Today you get commentary from me and Matt for issues 1 through 4, which are the worst issues in the whole run of the comic.  Tiny necks! No shoulders! Jokes that had been in my head since high school!

You’re supposed to listen to it while reading along, so here are the links for the issues:

#1: The Early Years

#2: College Bound

#3: Strange Headfellows

#4: Tube Boobs


I’m so, so sorry about the CSS. I did fix it, but it only wants to work on some issues.  If you can do CSS, get with me. I will pay you to unfuck my site.

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