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Dumpster Vinyl Volume 9: Celebrity Degrees from “The Big Sound” series



Oh man.  This is the kind of treasure that I was hoping would be buried in all these boxes of LPs my uncle saved from the junkheap.  This is a disc full of 10-second spots of celebrities telling you what the temperature is, backed by the most early-60s swingin’ kinda big band music you’ve ever heard. Plus a lot of them relay the temperature in rhyme! And Spike Jones gets to use cartoon sound effects!

Unlike the public service messages, this is a good backdrop against which the celebrities can make some light-hearted jokes about how hot it’s gotten. I love this kooky stuff! If you ever wanted to hear Tony Curtis tell you it’s 88 degrees, your dream is now fulfilled and you can die happy. Please leave me in your will.

I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did!

P.S. Disc MF-7 R in “The Big Sound” series; all the celebrities participating are in the tags for this post.

P.P.S. They had a lot of Connies back then, didn’t they?

P.P.P.S. Fabian’s track sounded like he was in a bathroom stall until halfway through, when I assume someone adjusted his mic or some levels or whatever.  And one of Steve Allen’s deliveries is really weak. Makes me wonder how many takes some of these celebrities got.

Dumpster Vinyl Volume 3: Who’s in the Magic Circle Now? from “The Big Sound” series



Yikes, has it been 6 months since I did one of these?

Here we have another in the “Spinning the Magic Circle” series of introductions to songs by the artists who recorded them.  I’m happy to report that the ones on this disc are far less boring.  Steve Allen even makes a joke this time!

The only names I recognize this time around are Connie Francis, Nelson Riddle, Della Reese, Spike Jones, and Steve Allen.  Nelson Riddle was the guy who scored the old Batman TV show!  And I’ve never listened to Spike Jones’s stuff, but I feel like I should now; he introduces his records by saying to get the kids out of the room.

This one might have been first in the series? I didn’t realize until comparing this with the other one, but they have some codes on them.  This one is RAM-1-R; the one I did six months ago was RAM-2-R.

Anyway, here’s another Magic Circle disc. Enjoy!